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Appalachian Furled Leader Co.- Euro Hybrid

Appalachian Furled Leader Co.- Euro Hybrid

$ 15.00

Our Euro Hybrid Leader utilizes the same popular taper as our Nymph/Big Bug Leader but also includes features normally only found in dedicated European style nymphing leaders.

These leaders fish great with your favorite indicator or take it off for a great Euro style high stick leader.

  • Finished with our popular tippet ring
  • We’ve included a bi-color sighter furled from 12” fluorescent orange and 12” chartreuse
  • 76” leader designed for 72” of tippet for a 12’ finished length

    We recommend 48” of 4x and 24” of 5x.

Any combination of tippet sections can be used to fit the conditions.

To keep your leader floating we recommend using a leader dressing such as Otter Butteror a dry fly dressing.  Add dressing prior to leader getting wet.  This application will keep leaders floating all day.

Want them to sink? Don't add anything, The same leader can handle both applications.

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