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Badger Tenkara Wisco 2

Badger Tenkara Wisco 2

$ 140.00

When it's time to go BIG, the WISCO 2 has the power and flexibility you need to throw larger flies, on longer lines, to catch bigger fish!

Not everyone can live near picturesque mountain trout streams. Heck, not everyone even likes to fish for trout! We developed the original WISCO to take advantage of the easy casting precision of Tenkara when fishing for larger fish on bigger waters. So, what’s with the name? Well, after introducing the classic, we wanted to name our future rods after bodies of water in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin River is a premiere small mouth fishery where we spend a lot of time chasing bass. Anglers affectionately call the river “the Wisco”. The “CO” is also a nod to the Colorado River, where our buddies at Harcourt Fly Fishing 3G guide service catch big trout in fast water. They gave us some great feedback on what would make a good fixed line system for their clients. We combined the name of these two "big" rivers that inspired the rod, and landed on the WISCO! 

We are excited to announce the WISCO 2 - Get ready for a leaner, meaner, high performance rod! This redesign incorporates angler feedback and lessons we've learned since designing the original. The extended length has been shortened a few inches, and is approximately 1 ounce lighter. The vast majority of the feedback we received when surveying anglers pointed towards reducing the grip length. We've shortened it from 18 inches to 14, and chosen a uniform width with no contour, so that you can fish with 1 or 2 hands placed comfortably anywhere on the grip. The rod's action has been softened to provide a more dynamic loading profile. It is a 7:3 action with plenty of power to "dig in" against larger fish, but the rod will transfer force more smoothly and evenly the original action.  It still retains the easy, accurate casting and surprising strength the original WISCO is famous for! 

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