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Real Threads

Real Threads

$ 19.99


We are proud to be an American Veteran owned and operated company. It all started when our founder transitioned from the active duty military lifestyle to everyday office life. But from desert boots to dress shoes, something was missing. From time to time, he found himself thinking “I wish I could find some apparel that captures the essence of a fish.” Although there are some novelty fish items and apparel currently on the market, there are none that truly displayed the fish’s beauty, while maintaining an accurate representation of actual fish’s patterns and colors. Over the next two years, Reel Threads® was born out of a garage in North Carolina. After years of developing patterns and authentic artwork, we were finally able to begin our journey.

Our Mission


Our mission is simple. We focus our efforts on delivering genuine and authentic products that replicate the unique natural colors and patterns of fish species and reveal their true beauty. There is nothing worse than false replications of the true beauty that lies within a fish and its individual unique pattern. That is why here at Reel Threads® we take pride in ensuring we deliver a realistic design into every product we make. Our company was founded on this method and it is this characteristic in which forms our backbone.

From our experience, some of the most peaceful environments on this earth are found while fishing. The scenery alone that one encounters is a true form of therapy. The solitude, the anticipation, the freedom to be one with nature are all things that bring relaxation to the mind and soul. Incorporating these moments into your day-to-day lifestyle can be restorative. Something as simple as looking down at your socks and remembering the time you caught that trophy fish could bring a smile to your face and provide inspiration to get out on the water again in the near future.

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