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Appalachian Furled Leader Co.- Blue Line leader

Appalachian Furled Leader Co.- Blue Line leader

$ 11.00

Our Blue Line Leaders are specifically designed for your favorite small streams and their unique challenges.  With all the same benefits as our All Purpose Leaders, our Blue Line Leaders include extra benefits for those tough casts in tight spaces.

  • 36in. furled leader with a long butt section and a steep taper
  • If you love glass rods you will love these leaders
  • Designed for punchy casts on shorter, lighter rods
  • Makes a great dapping leader on long rods
  • Accurate at shorter distances-when casting under 40 ft, turns over big bushy flies quickly, but still allows for a subtle presentation.
  • High floating - apply Otter Butter or your favorite dry fly gel prior to use

Attach 36 to 76 inches of tippet using a perfection knot for the shorb loops or a clinch knot on the tippet rings. Surprisingly long tippet sections can be used

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