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InTouch RIO Gold Trout Series

InTouch RIO Gold Trout Series

$ 99.95

Rio® Gold In-Touch Fly Line

    • Gradual taper design offers loop stability for casting various-sized flies
    • Low-stretch ConnectCore increases sensitivity for better hooksets
    • Color-coded SureFire system promotes accurate distance control
    • MaxFloat-Tip coating ensures high buoyancy for quiet pickups
    • MaxCast finish keeps line clean to enhance shooting and durability
Rio Gold In-Touch Fly Line features a gradual back taper that delivers loop stability for casting flies between #2 and #22. Low-stretch ConnectCore increases sensitivity for easy line lift, precise mends and solid hooksets. MaxFloat-Tip coating lets line float high, reducing drag and producing quiet pickups. MaxCast coating pushes water away from the line and resists dirt adhesion, maintaining a clean, slick exterior that enhances both shooting and durability. AgentX technology combines a buoyant inner layer with a rugged outer layer for both high-floating performance and long-time use. SureFire color-coded system promotes accurate distance control.

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