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Mini Shades

Mini Shades

$ 19.99

Your child’s developing eyes are more transparent, which allows more harmful light to reach the retina. Polarized lenses block the reflected UV light in addition to the direct & scattered UV light. This essential layer of protection is now a standard in adult sunglasses.  It’s time your kids have the same protection!

Well, now you can protect your child’s eyes and have peace of mind about your purchase because every Polarized MiniShades™ product is backed by our unbeatable Hide n’ Seek Loss & Damage Warranty.

To be eligible, simply register your MiniShades™ below with the 6-digit ITEM# found on the inside arm of your MiniShades™ or on the back of your box.

At any point in the future, should your child lose or damage their MiniShades™, we will send you a one-time replacement pair..…..all you pay is a $7.95 processing fee.

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