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Tenkara Line Cards

Tenkara Line Cards

$ 5.00

  • SUPER THIN Tenkara Line Holders!
  • Perfect For ULTRA-Light Minimalist Approach!
  • Made for Tenkara LEVEL LINE (not for furled or PVC lines).
  • Store 4 Lines in the space of 1 regular spool.
  • 3 Inches Wide & Credit Card Thin!
  • Made in Japan

These Tenkara Line Card Spools are perfect for winding up your Tenkara Level Lines with minimal storage size possible. They are super light/thin Tenkara line winders as to not add weight or bulk to your Tenkara bag. Now you can have 4 Line cards spools with Tenkara level line on them in the same size space as a traditional Tenkara line holder.

The cards have several holes to hook your fly on and 2 slits to secure the end (or beginning) of your line. It is easy to write on these cards with a permanent marker so you remember the size and length of your line, the back side of the card has no text or graphics. These cards are as then as a credit card. You get 4 different colors.

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